3.00PM: Opening
10 Minutes

3.10PM: Workshop
“Permaculture: Urban Farming” Akademi Hijau
“Paper Bag Workshop” Garden Point Bali

4.00PM: Talks-Session 1
“How to Reduce Single-Use Plastic in your Business?” Plastic Detox Bali
“Green Living” WWF

4.30PM: Coffee Break
15 Minutes

4.45PM: Talks-Session 2
“How to Pitch” Hubud
“4 Simple Tips for Dtartups Build Their Business” Start Result
“Startups Investment” East Ventures

5.15PM: Meditation
Cittasana Yoga 15 Minutes

5.30PM: Pitcing Session
1 Hour

6.30PM: Dinner & Judge Deliberation
1 Hour

7.30PM: Announcement & Closing
30 minutes